Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up. More esperanto tomfoolery with the usual people. Learned some neat stuff about the various dialects of German, that being where Diana's from, and her being kind of a tangenty mood. I distinctly remeber being really intimidated by keeping up with understanding her speaking, but it's hardly any effort anymore. I seem to have gotten most of the core vocabulary, and the grammar is sort of baked into my brain enough that I'm just listening and not so much translating into english. Now she just has to contend with my mumbling, which is even worse than normal what with my tripping over the trilled r's, heh.

Wandered outside to find dkitchin and rjmccall tossing the frisbee around, so I joined in. Fantastic weather for it.

Book guy is slowly nickling and dimeing and two-dollaring me to death. Bought "Spoken Thai", 'cause the script is so cool.

Got some lunch. Hacked at proofs and stuff. Talked with Frank. Helpful.

Played paper mario for a while. Very nearly done with it.

Went to Arby's around 21:00. On the bus there, there were a couple of these yinzer kids discussing what made various dogs cute. They mentioned basset hahnds and how the foldsa skin onna bulldog hang dahnna its chin and how they have droopy eirs. Ahh, dialect.

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