Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Heather's party went pretty well. Sally showed up for the first bit and seemed to be extremely unenjoying herself, and shortly left. I felt kind of bad for her, but I certainly know what it's like to not enjoy the vibe of a party. Assuming that was the deal, which it may not have ben. Anyway. I enjoyed myself being quite passive. Much wario ware was played, and then we watched "Tampopo", which is an extremely funny and extremely japanese movie about noodles, sex, noodles, life, noodles, death, noodles, pork fat, and noodles. "Iron Giant" after that, which I had already seen, but which was good. I got a lungful of chlorine trying to get a drink of water, since tom was bleaching the sushi-rolling mat things in the sink. That was no fun. But before that, I ate some mounds of plain white rice. Mmm. Totally need to get around to buying a rice cooker soon to make massive rice consumption hassle-free.

And adam showed everyone at the party the infamous "(AUGH STOP YOU GUYS HAVE) TOO MUCH FUCKING KETCHUP" video clip. Pure comedic gold.
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