Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Music last night went really quite well. Getting much better at listening to people. Played dave's guitar for a little bit. Cut up my fingers real good on the slides, though. And trying to play F. Hate the F chord, really I do.

Today was unproductive. Have been feeling kind of uncreative. Maybe used up all my karma last night. Went to monroeville with sal. Got a bandana for cheap at the craft store thing there. I can see clearly now the rainhair is not in my face. Saw the KGB of yore's inimitable Johnmeier at Hillman. He is apparently interning there as part of a master's program in librarianizing or something. Weird but cool! Reading this book on typology that I would have sworn I read before by the look of the cover, but the contents seem unfamiliar.

Had some innumerable hours vampired out of my life again my paper mario, again. It's really frustrating how instead of giving you constant XP for enemies and increasing the XP required to level, they keep the XP required to level constant at 100 and make the XP given for defeating enemies get continually smaller as you advance. The irritating part is that it rounds down, so that wandering around in the even kinda-not-so-terribly-difficult areas results in ZERO progress, as opposed to little progress. I hate the feeling of zero progress.

Eventually snapped back to reality. Walked to geagle. Was surprising density of distractingly attractive girls there with the tank tops, nose piercings, pseudo-dyke-ey haircuts, &c, &c. Maybe there's a conference, eh? Anyway. Got some hamburger and fixins, and went home and, uh, fixinated. Fixed? Fixated? Ate a tasty burger and chips in any case.

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