Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Right flipped out there earlier. Heat, dehydration, overstimulation, and the feeling that I should be doing work (specifically in this case cleaning) combined to put me in panic attack/avoidance mood. Whee. Thankfully, water, food, books (I discovered Hillman has an entire shelf and a half just for Borges's work and commentary thereupon!) and a good long walk helped a good bit. Got a little cleaning done after.

Later, played music with dave, vic, katy. Victoria's sister Arwyn (yes, her name is ACTUALLY arwyn, and victoria is jealous because she herself would have been eowyn if her father hadn't vetoed further tolkien names) was also there for a while. She was amusing. Music went well and helped my mood still further. Yay for music having completely unpredictable large effects on my mood. :P At least it was positive this time.

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