Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Nice relaxing walk to squill and back. All of Forbes past Murray was without power, so Boston Market psans were nixed. Had a bagel and cranberry juice at Bruegger's, which in the middle of my eating had the audacity to close. Still hungry, got some Mineo's. I hadn't been there for quite some time. It still isn't my favorite pizza around here. It's so rich, I can only eat it occasionally, but it is tasty in a way. Sorrento's (Oakland) and Vesuvius (South Side) are still probably the best thin crust I've had in pgh, and Uno's is the best deep dish I've had anywhere, which is pretty good considering it's a chain.

Got some IBC at geagle, too. Now I'm home again and it's hot and sticky. Bleh.
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