Jason (jcreed) wrote,

It's very peaceful here, siting on the porch as the evening cools down. Got a bottle of IBC. Listening to the whisper-grumble of passing cars. The occasional jogger goes by, too. The sky isn't black, but still a dark blue around a sliver of moon. The trees around the street look more like still photos the farther the are from the streetlights: closer to the lights you can actually pick out bunches of leaves in depth, a strange harsh orange, but physical objects nontheless. Farther away, they're just black ink against the sky, black leaf-shapes and branch shapes stamped upon one another.

Had dinner at Union Grill with lincoln3, madmadammim, and norm, since norm's leaving tomorrow. That'll be a big change, probably more than I'm expecting. I realize I've roomed with norm for about half of my time in pittsburgh: the past year, senior year, sophomore year, and part of a previous summer. Now he's off to chicago.

Before that watched the last ep of connections with sal and adam. I grumbled about it not being that great of an episode (mostly because I find it easy to put down either of the episodes not in the middle eight because they don't follow the same crazy-chain-of-consequences pattern that I've gromn so attatched to) but it really has its moments. Sledgehammer to the fridge! Aww yeah. And the final "you can figure out anything if only those damn engineers would take the time to unobfuscate it for you" message is good.

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