Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Kinda odd dream. It felt unusally narratively coherent, and quite frightening to me in the moment of waking (or maybe it is just the usual jolt from dreaming to being alert in a dark room that feels that way) but the feeling's subsided now.

Framed by an outer dream in which people suggest to me watching a movie, and then the movie I'm watching sort of becames the dream from then on. I forget what the title is. The opening is some guy driving around new york city, looking for an address. He arrives. It's a party - very subdued, very hip, everywhere quiet sophisticated and brutally cynical laughter. Everyone's well-dressed. The host eventually draws everybody together, offers them all... a drink. It's laced with some sort of drug. This is no secret, but it's not made into a big issue. Almost as if everyone knew this was the purpose of the party. There is one abstainer, the man depicted driving in the first scene. He remains at the party long enough to watch the effects. The viewing-perspective of the dream shifts so that I am most certainly not watching a movie, instead I am identified with this man. Everyone else at the party begins mumbling incoherent, hallucinated statements. They come framed in the question-schema "Did you know that...?". The drug has given them all an exaggerated sense of interestingness. I find it uncomfortable to stay. I get up to leave. One of them follows me, however, chasing me down the stairs, shouting after me. At first the facts are merely not quite facts, almost-truths about themes common and familiar to the speaker. They soon degenerate into absolute madness, as my pursuer, in his frenzied state, grabs my shoulder and pulls me back, and I wake up...

The weird thing is then later I have almost the same dream, only I point out to my friends that "Oh, I've seen this movie before" but then a different party-goer abstains, and qnsequently the rest plays out slightly differently in terms of the rationalization for abstaining, and the person vho chases after them, and what they say.

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