Jason (jcreed) wrote,

My score in the friendster game has just topped 100,000. Total actual benefit: one book recommendation from Tobin, and learned the name of that girl who probably now thinks I am a scary intarnet stalker, which by any reasonable definition I very well might be. Or else, if I am lucky, has long forgotten about me.

But hey, maybe I'll get around to reading Diaspora some time. Friendster is silly.

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    Went to AIR for screenprinting tonight, with the generalists. Result: happy dork, in a shirt. (derived from slide 119 of this guy)

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    Screenprinting Tuesday! The image's link leads to more commentary, larger images, and the embarrassingly bad print I made last week.

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    Screenprinting Tuesday! I went with martinivixen this week. She made: and I made: Made a few mistakes still, but they're different…

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