Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a lot of programming work done. Whee! ML is hard. I am continuing to build a mental checklist of the reasons I hate, hate, hate textually searching. It is slow and irritating even though in eventually gives me the right answer. I really just want a nice pretty graph that shows me all of the other functions in which a certain function is called. I really would like better presentation in the emacs window itself of which code, identifier-by-identifier, is out-of-module because of a prior open and which module it is pointing to. I want programming to not suck, but sadly most of my current complaints are just HCI quibbles and so I am not terribly much qualified or interested enough to fix them. But, uh, yeah, what kaustuv said about figuring out every modal type system ever would be nice, too.

Read more of "Waiting". I am getting the impression that it is going to wind up being like "Ethan Frome" only it doesn't make me want to rip my eyeballs out of their sockets in sheer melancholic agony. That is to say, an interesting examination of indecisiveness rather than a horribly depressing one. I'm still hoping for a happy ending, but I've got 60ish pages to go.

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