Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wow. Weather so nice out, I all but want to cry.
Not only is it that perfect combination of being just a little over room temperature and the occasional gusty breeziness, but it comes after a very un-Juneish rut of cold days. Everything seems wet and strong-smelling after the big rainstorm the other day.

I walked over to Brugger's and then Hillman in the morning. Found a great book ("Switching Languages", Kellman Ed., a little anthology of translingual literature) completely by accident in the shelf across the way from the one I was looking at.

Sat on the grass on the bigger of the two inclines on the Mall, in the shade of the big tree next to Porter, dancing in the wind. Kicked my sandals off, read for a while, napped for a while, watched the SCA people fencing. So calm and unhurried and relaxed now.

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