Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wow, what a weird dream. I dreampt of actually doing math, and my dad and kevin watkins were there, and the subject of discussion was sets S of points in the plane such that there exists a continuous embedding from S to affine symmetries on S, and one of the examples we kept coming back to was the circle, and mapping it to all rotations that carried it to itself. For some crazy reason my dad was trying to insist that polygons had this property, and tried to use some three-dimesional argument to support it, and I was like, "but affine maps carry R^2 to R^2" and kevin agreed with me (not that I understand now why this fact was relevant) annd then I woke up. The best part was that the space, the floor in front of us just sort of magically displayed the appropriate picture and diagrams as any one of us was talking, and we pointed to it and changed things on it just by thinking and stuff. I want telepath-blackboards now, they're so cool.

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