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So way back in like 1997ish I was this big Perl nut, and I wrote this article for the Perl Journal. I dare not even look at it now, I'm certain to cringe at the writing. In any event I was, needless to say, extremely pleased with my bad-ass self at the time. The weird thing is a guy at O'Reilly just sent me an email aking what my mailing address is so they can send me another $150 because they're reprinting my article (along with many others) in a book. I guess I remember them asking me if I would mind if they reprinted it some months ago, but forgot about it entirely. So, woo, free money. I think I would be a lot more excited about being published in this fashion if (a) it were like four years ago when I cared more about books that O'Reilly published or (b) the article weren't such crap.

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