Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ordered spanish version of Ficciones. Looking forward to picking apart a few choice sentences of my translation and seeing where they came from.

Went to Ritter's since I had never been, for brunch, with housemates. Tasty pancakes, but they a did a number on my stomach, I think. Dunno. Maybe it's just my sister's flu I caught. Although I haven't really had any other symptoms besides fatigue.

More ML hacking. Got a typechecker for all of LF coded up now, I think, in Kevin's nothin'-but-canonical-forms style from the CLF paper. Man, I say that I like deBruijn style, and in a certain sense I believe in it more securely than named-style, but it's still a bitch to code deBruijn correctly.

Now to go to Brendan McMahon's Bday BBQ. Mmmmeat.

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