Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Advisor meeting went okay, despite my feeling that I have been working way too slowly still. Mutter mutter programming mutter.

After that, was sitting in the UC for a bit reading Martian Chronicles when Courtney and other-HCI-guy-whose-name-I-forget waved $10 in my face for particpation in an experiment thingy. I accepted. The thing they're working on is interfaces for in-car navigation aids. Neat stuff. The experiment just involved a paper mock-up with a laser pointer, which was quite jittery but did the job, more or less. But it was still kind of fun.

Went back home to wait for the plumber. He came, and revealed that our plumbing is beyond hope unless he actually replaces pipes, which he expects the landlord will not be enthusiastic about paying for. I am pessimistic, too. In the meantime finished off Martian Chronicles. Such a great book. Oh man.

Remaining plans for the day amount to needing to finish Connections-viewing with madmadammim, and possible music-making. Hope that pans out, anyway. Tomorrow I am off to Madison for sister's high school graduation. combinator, skamille, let me know if you want to get lunch at Red Robin some time, hm?

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