Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I feel that way that makes me want to say "I am a horrible person", but Revelation #407.3 reveals that saying "I am a horrible person" is useless and vacuous.

Some non-vacuous (I hope) observations:
I failed to fail gracefully.
I overreacted.
I felt blamed for something that wasn't my fault, again, and felt furious, again.
I don't get angry that often. I am not very experienced at it. I don't seem to have handled it well up to now.
I don't like to be called crazy.
I don't like to have my level of desire for space and quiet dismissed as unreasonable and irrational.
I don't like it when people agreeing with me is explained away by believing that my insanity is sadly spreading rather than seen as evidence that perhaps I am not so unreasonable.
I feel at the receiving and giving end of hurt. This is no good at all.

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