Jason (jcreed) wrote,

JM trip fell through, due to memorial day closedness. Not much else happened today. Read more of Grammaitcalization. Hacked some. Developed sore thumb anew from trackpad on laptop. Hate hate. Received gift of "The Phantom Tollbooth" from Sally, mutually receiving it with Adam. I guess she was gifting it to whichever one of us wanted it. Considering I already own a copy and have read it N billion times and enjoyed it every time, I hope adam takes it and reads it. I do think it's cool that she just randomly thought it would be a good gift, though. Good guess of book-preference-character.

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    Apartment move finally completely done! Lugged air conditioner from old apartment to new, delivered bookshelf I didn't want to akiva, downstairs…

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    Put kitchen table together, got K's desk set up in a useful place for her. Had dinner at a Thai place past the train a ways.

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    Got desk, side-desk-that-supports-keyboard, and bed put together, and desktop computer assembled and hooked up. Fortunately had an ethernet cable…

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