Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got some hacking done today. Twelf is a beast and a half, though. I'm just trying to prune it down to bonsai-twelf for now before I actually start doing anything to it. Snip, snip.

Phone conversation with parents. Pleasant. Learned, however, that sister broke up with boyfriend of what, like two or three years? I imagine somewhat distressing for her. Perhaps I will obtain more of the story when I head back home for a few days next week for (other) sister's high school graduation.

Dinner at Olive Garden with Juhlins Ellen and Carol, Adam, Pete. We went to this Running Goats Coffee place for to get desserts after. I'm sure it's a fine place to go to usually, and no need to rub any more salt into the disparaging the suggestion of going there, but holy feces was the service awful. Just glacially slow. Yuh. Came back to house, watched Mulholland Drive because Carol happened to have it on DivX or something, and Pete and Adam hadn't seen it yet. What a crazy movie! It was entertaining for me to try to put together pieces the second time seeing it. I still mostly failed.

Have emails piling up that I need to respond to. Too tired to think right now. Will remember to tomorrow morning.

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