Jason (jcreed) wrote,

A bit of andventure with the electricity.
The power want out in half the house, namely the part that held the computer that provided the house with internet. So Adam and I tried to muck around with the breaker, norm bitched at us somewhat justifiedly for invading his space, I called Dookeznee and filed a complaint thingy, and a guy called me up later and came over to look at the meter. So it looks like the electricians did a shoddy job installing the new meter, because it sparks when you poke at it, but if you poke at it a number of times with the right parity, everything works again, so... "yay".

Later norm and I had a little talk wherein he revealed that he perceived that ever since like a week ago, I have been giving him a hard time, inferring that maybe there was something I got pissed off at that I was holding a grudge about ever since. Now, if I actually was being more short-fused about things lately, then I suck, I guess. I didn't really notice myself doing it, but I'm prepared to apologize for it to whatever extent it's true, and I imagine it might be. But I find it a bit difficult to discuss something with someone who (despite, I might add, being in training in a scientific discipline, in this case physics) seemed at the time not very eager to apply reasonable tactics such as giving due consideration to other theories that also explain the data (perhaps that I was just annoyed in general lately and not at him in particular; that he was behaving differently in the past week; that he was perceiving things differently in the past week) being careful to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies, being careful not to exercise selective memory, to avoid sampling errors (such as assuming that because he hears me complaining about him leaving dishes out more than he hears me complaining to adam, that my actual complaining is skewed, ignoring the fact that I may complain at adam when he's not around) etc. etc.

But even ignoring overrationalizing all this crap, I can take away from this that I've noticed I can get extremely defensive when I perceive that I'm being accused of something I believe I didn't do, even if the act is pretty insignificant. Maybe next time around I'll catch myself and be able to exercise a bit more self-control.

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