Jason (jcreed) wrote,

A walk around campus, into and out of oakland, filled with familiar faces, the smell of cut grass and lawnmower gas fumes, some pretzels and a soda, the temperature just at the point of making me indecisive about wearing a jacket, does wonders for frayed nerves. I feel much better.

Earlier at the OSC piano, I was playing a safe little boring Dm-C-Dm-C alternation and suddenly my left hand just, I don't know, it was like it just woke up at I was pulling all this sixteenth-sixteenth-eighth shit out of nowhere, and I was so focused, and kept my right hand quiet, and just concentrated on the bass line and my weaker fingers, and it was great. Then I lost it, of course, but it gave me renewed hope.

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    Day 3 of icfp: fiddling with heuristics.

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    Day 2 icfp contest: Wiring search modules together.

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    Day 1 of icfp: wrote some javascript to visualize boards.

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