Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Lunch at Sam's. Read more of Hopper and Someone Else's "Grammaticalization". Good stuff.

Came home eventually. Not sure what happened to all the intervening time, exactly. There was some more "gitaroo man" playing. Dinner at Olive Garden. I had forgotten how extremely tasty their chicken-parm is. And for whatever reason the service was insanely good. At the exact moment I was about to look around for the waiter to ask for more drink, he arrived unbidden with more drink. Just as adam was about to find a place to stick a suddenly useless plate, waiter came by to whisk it away.

In the meantime norm had been playing G. M. almost constantly and suddenly got really good. It kind of took away from the attraction of the game a bit, because I realize I'd have to put in considerable effort to catch up, and it doesn't seem like a really compelling skill to begin with. Still a good game, though. I think this explains why I liked playing zelda lately, though, namely because I had noone to compare my progress to.

Watched an ep of babylon 5. It's getting a little interesting again. I'm glad the deflated momentum of us three watching it regularly hasn't prevented it from still happening now and again. It will be good to finish off the series. Ahh, closure.

I continue to feel that I am learning lots and lots of things about human nature lately, or at least that I'm noticing how much more easily accessible raw data is lying around than I previously realized.

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