Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today is everyone's favorite ad-hoc holiday, Short-Girl Day. blistex visiting for madmadammim's graduation. Fun had by all.

Highlights of the day: BFTG not really as exciting as I remembered last semester's being. Then again, I find myself increasingly disappointed when I have any positive expectations at all about being in a lounge-sized room with a couple dozen people I don't know and some beer and snack food. There is something about me and the typical "party" arrangement that just has no chemistry at all.

Got some lunch. Played some boggle. Played some "Gitaroo Man" back at home. The music game genre has finally found a way to sink its teeth into me. It's so... surreally, unapologetically japanese and amusing. And the music actually kind of rocks.

Later the sal and short girl came over. Went to the uni-mart in shadyside that actually still exists for short girl to get her white chocolate something or others. Came back to play scrabble. Got my Q on the triple word score, but it only landed me second place, erin taking first with some pretty consistently solid play, even while "taking one for the team" a couple times to open up a horribly congested board.

Now I need sleep. Badly. As if there is any other adverb to be used with needing things.


Oh, but I should interject a thing about the party I did go to yesterday, which also still rubbed me the wrong way somehow just for it being a party full of people I didn't know, but I managed okay, considering. Not least because there were some freakin' linguistics majors there and like a copy of ohio state's "Language Files 8" on the guy's shelf and we was all bustin' out the vowel trapezoid and shit, and the uvular stops, and the making fun of pittsburghese and the pool/pull/pole homophony, and it was good times. I'm always one step ahead in a room full of other dorks at least. Nonetheless I keep noticing that I just really don't like the feeling of eating at other people's houses, unless I know them well. Weird.

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