Jason (jcreed) wrote,

With the satisfying faux-emboss reversal of an HTML form button, I feel my semester has finally achieved closure. The TPHOLs paper has been revised and submitted. Frank even said a word or two about it being a decent paper, but I still think it's one of the worst things I've written. I'm not sure to what extent it's just my old perfectionist habit rearing its head again, or whether I just feel so flailingly confused about such byzantine algorithms as those that I'm dealing with that I'm convinced anything I put down on paper about them has to be wrong and horrible and arg.

But I get to stand in front of a bunch of the brilliantest minds in my field in four months' time and talk about this thing that I feel so horribly insecure about, too! Joy of joys. Best to jump in the deep end, though, I think, and get used to the arctic, icy waters of peer review.

No, it's not really that bad at all. But it's so much more fun to write as if it were.

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