Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wow. Nicholson Baker is pretty freakin' awesome. Just finished "The Mezzanine". 130 precious pages about a ride up an office-building escalator, a broken shoelace, and... everything else. Beautiful, charming writing, hilarious, Amazonian footnotes, a hefty, metal, three-D-cell flashlight waved around an otherwise hazy, candle-lit world of tiny things. Need to find some of his other stuff.

Met with Frank earlier, this morning. I feared the worst (i. e. a loose mathematical thread that threatens to unravel the whole damn thing) but it was only a few typos and grammatical issues. Some of the typos were indeed important, but not hard to fix. Again, the pessimist is never disappointed!

After that spent some quality time with the baby grand in the OSC. Having some pretty good musical creative flow again lately. And since classes ended that room is almost always available. Sadly (well, only from one perspective) allewis is also leaving for Seattle very soon, so I am totally in dire need of people to jam with. But the good news is the reason that she's leaving, namely the amazon job came through. Go Ann! I definitely need to visit Seattle at some point in the future.

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