Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Okay. Yeah. Going through a bit more moodyishness. I realize again how exhausted this semester has made me, and how much I really don't care for systems. It feels like so much engineering and so little art. Ah, but a summer full of nothing but PL that needs to be worked on, and a whole world of possible things that can be looked at. Granted, I felt this same way at the beginning of last summer, and didn't really get that much of my own projects done. I suppose I did manage to pick up esperanto then, but much time was diverted from solo geeking to slacking and socializing. I can't really say I have any regrets about that summer, though. I still fondly remember that big, empty unfurnished apartment in Fairfax, the craziness of moving (even though I still fundamentally hate moving in general, that move went quite smoothly thanks to adam and tom) whiling away hours with cdinwood, etc. Good times. I miss them.

In any event! I hope I manage a little more discipline this summer. I really would like to fill in the humanities gaps in my education a little better. Japanese, French and German are languages I'd like to know more about. History is always cool. The philosophy of art is something I have an interest in lately for... certain reasons. Philosophy in general in the 20th century I need to look into more, and is one of the reasons getting reading competence in French would be nice as a long-term thing. Merely because so much noise has been made over pomo I'd like to make my understanding of it less third-hand, if only so I can feel less guiltily ignorant making fun of it. In the same vein, poetry is something that has always felt mysterious as a medium, and I'm sure that the tremendous amount of shitty poetry written in the world, there is definitely good stuff out there, and I could stand to train myself to be more capable of appreciating it...

things things things.

Also totally need to start and/or join a band or something again. This two-pianos thing isn't really doing it for me so much anymore. Friend of a lounge acquaintance seems to be a drummer, though. Sounds promising.

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