Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got up early. Went to CostCo with lincoln3. Got some stuff for the CIA BBQ, and I some got some clothes. Rushed back to campus to get to the ASIMO demo. Adam called ellen, discovered that the presentation was at 1130, not 1100, so we were fine. Hung around the UC, got a hot dog, waited until denorae showed up. (As for the enumerated list of things on page 13 of "Mezzanine" that include stapling a document only to discover there are no staples left, pulling the last bit of tape from a tape dispenser before you have got enough tape to tape that which you want to tape, expecting one more step at the top of a staircase than is actually there, I would like to add taking the last bite of a hot dog and realizing that the last bit is actually sitting in a puddle of ketchup on the ground and not in your mouth. And of course, the last bit of hot dog is INFINITELY MORE VALUABLE than the first bite and the erstwhile eater is crushed.)

Saw the demo. It was neat, other than it was extremely targeted at children no older than, like, fifteen. Looked at the AIBO league for a bit. Very crowded. Sounded like the CMU Dragons were kicking some ass.

Went to Squill Geagle for more grocery items. Now... lunch? Maybe. I hope I have removed all of the PINS OF PAINFUL SHARP DEATH from this new shirt. It (the new shirt) makes me feel like I am Karl Crary. I hope I don't go around reflexively looking sour.

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