Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, man. I have hit another bad patch of severe bibliomultiplexification.

That is. Trying to read too many books at once and making slow progress on all of them.
It's like fighting a war on a half-dozen fronts, and since one of them is Chomsky, I'm going to exercise my prerogative as the schmuck pulling the analogies out of thin air, and assert categrically that what Chomsky really is, he's the Russian Winter. So I've got my eastern front in Aspects of the Theory of Syntax, which, as we've just posited, is written by none other than the Heartless, Icy, Legion-Consuming Chill of the Ural Mountains in November[1], we've got the western assault onto "Grammaticalization", the northern theatre being "The Translation Studies Reader", a swift (as my best informants tell me) campaign through North Africa code-named "Mezzanine", an invasion of south-western New Guinea that corresponds, dear reader, in this developing web of dubious imagery to "Schools of Linguistics", all the while plotting a cunning lightning-attack directed at certian strategic valleys of Mars, which I like to think of as "The World Lexicon of Grammaticalization".

And I still need to read that Schuermann-McCreight paper. Grr, real work.

[1] This is a subtle point here: while I type the words "Ural Mountains in November", in my head I actually say (invoking, once again, the epic power of metaphor!) "X-bar theory". Try reading the italicized phrase again with that in mind. Doesn't it make more sense? I knew it would.

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