Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Met with bp again. Highly useful. Will have to read over her stuff with more fine-toothed comb one of these days very soon.

Skipped databases to show up early to Neal Stephenson talk. Got there about 3:45ish for tha 4:30 talk, already a couple dozen people in line. Got a fine seat. Talk was pretty good. It kind of dropped off suddenly at the end, but it had its moments. Bought a copy of Zodiac, since I hadn't read it yet.

Sat on the grass on the Mall, took sandals off, and read for a while until the sun started getting too low in the sky. Weather. So. Nice.

Started to walk back home, ran into denorae, hung out at her dorm for a while. She lent me a book called "Mezzanine". Man, I have so many books I need to read. madmadammim IMed with proposed pizza. Headed over there 8ish. Ate pizza. Watched ep 5 of Connections. Good times.

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