Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a pretty relaxing day. Did go to KGB. Some funny stuff happened. I am struck by how different exec and the regulars are from the days of Chuck and Fred and the Johns, both -Eric and -Meier, of eramundo and the other other Kaplan, (id est, Melissa). The meeting broke up to go look at how the trog door had been put in a tree somehow. Ah, injokes and juvenile wackiness and so on. I had best enjoy it while I still can. All around me my age-cohort seems to be wising up and finding it irritating. I fear I will soon, too. (on a final KGBish note, there is some unnamed girl who was referred to as the replacement lmarsh by... was it joey? maybe. Seemed to burn laura up right good, though. Because of attractiveness or mere designation as replacement, though, I rhetorically ask? Lacking in the former department the hypothetical lmarsh_2 is certainly not, but even ignoring that, I can sympathise with the ungoodness of feeling replacable. Why, some days I feel like it's all I can do to distinguish myself from being a washed-up has-been shadow-version of whitemage or rjmccall or something. But then I remember that hey, I'm actually in grad school, I should allocate time to kicking and/or chewing of bubble gum and/or ass, not whining)

Got some McMexican for dinner. Tried to go to Hillman, but it was closed. Early closing hours due to Pitt actually approaching the summer semester. Harrumph. Tried the Carnegie, but they didn't ever have the Hopper book I was looking for. Gave up and went back to Hunt. Found a couple of neat other things besides.

Found it extremely enjoyable to just sit and read without worrying much what time it was. It was already quarter to nine, as it turned out, when I left.

Got home and didn't feel like stopping walking. So I walked over to Geagle to get snacks. Such a nice night out! That sort of dynamic-equilibrium feeling of being warmed by the air and cooled by the breeze. Mmm.

Came back home and played more Zelda. Found the camera thingy in the jail tunnel maze. Such a tedious game sometimes. Yet I am still addicted.

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