Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Quite a boring day from a non-me perspective, I imagine.

Hacked a little on compilers and a lot on databases. I think we're definitely cool for the deadline of 3pm tomorrow, though. Just a few things to patch up.

Advisor meeting I didn't have a lot to say during, but Frank gave me a sampling of a talk he's been working on. Linear destination passing wugga wuh or something. It was pretty cool. One framework that manages to describe sequential, parallel, and imperative execution in a clean and uniform way, and can do nice exotic things like futures and callcc and so on. The case of call by need is kind of sneaky, though.

Dvorak feels very nice now. At least on my laptop keyboard with the keycaps arranged nicely. Still not very good touch-typing or on the iMac keyboard downstairs.

Showed a couple people the house. I am irked by our new landlord's urgency. I don't see why we can't just have two people on the lease for now if we agree to make sure the rent is still paid.

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