Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More programming stress this morning. I realize too late that this semester has actually been very wearing on me, despite many things seeming okay externally. But I think and hope I am still going to pass both these classes, and I have a conference paper, so, the result may still be still quite good. Nonetheless my mental state is really slipping. Just gotta keep it together. ...probably won't ignite... Mutter mutter. I really wonder why C++ and Java make me feel like I'm fighting against some foreign model of computation and ML and Perl feel so much less so. I suppose I do have to chalk it up to mere familiarty after all. I can't think of any other feature that separates them. I've known C/C++ for the longest time, Perl for the second longest. ML and Perl aren't very much at all like each other as languages, and Perl really isn't that far from the C family.

Anyway, did make positive progress on the compilers project, slowly and stumblefully.

Also made huge bounds on databases. I'm really happy that it's turned out to be somewhat substantial now. There was this one paper, which had two models, one of which was supposed to suck less than the other. And both of those models sucked on the wireless network traffic data we have, so we came up with another one, which was supposed to not suck, but actually it did, but in a different way, so we came up with yet a fourth model, which may in fact not suck. But the whole process of actually trying approaches and having them work-or-not, and trying new ideas is fun.

Played a brief game of go against dan. Lost pretty solidly. I should get back into actually playing go maybe over the summer.

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