Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Started to get some work done this morning, but then started feeling really sick.

Yesterday: watched "One Red Flower". It seemed pretty good at intermission, but the message it seems to be making makes me really uncomfortable. Yes, we probably shouldn't be assholes to veterans (especially those drafted!) but... ugh. The production was great, but the actual play didn't sit well with me at all. I just can't help believing that war is fundamentally symmetric until proven asymmetric, (that is, you ought to have a better reason than the fact that they were "fighting for our way of life" to call our soldiers heroes, shouldn't you, since the same can be said of the other side, and their "way of life", whatever that phrase means, can't it?) and couldn't escape the sinking feeling of being so lucky to sit and watch a play about war instead of being in the middle of one.

Also yesterday jammed with Ann for a while. Went so-so. Hard to force creativity, I guess.

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