Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Okay, that was kind of weird, but fun. Had lunch with this Diana Weichert person. Esperanto is hard. Good to get some real speaking practice at least. Though speaking is still hard, listening and understanding was surprisingly easier than I expected. In person, at least. Over the phone was kind of tough. Over lunch I learned that akĉento (accent = dialect) is a word distinct from akcento (accented syllable). And... she had a 1924 copy of the Krestmatio that was kind of cool to see. Ĉiuj esperantistoj amas librojn, ŝajne... And... amusing stories about her daughter. Strangely, her husband is in fact working in pgh because of the steel industry somehow. I thought the city had all but withdrawn itself from it, but I guess not.

However, I ate too much or something, and now I feel sick and really weird and spacing out and dizzy. Maybe I'm sick. That would suck.

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