Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woah. I swear I must have already heard or written these chords somewhere. Or it may be just that they're so satisfying that I'm falsely convincing myself that they're familiar. Ah, that D-to-F# modulation. Good stuff. I am addicted to suspended 4ths.

"Saturday Night"
Bm    A        D    F#
Half-afraid to call her
      Bm      G       D     F#
Still managed to that night
    Bm         A        G   D/F#
She answered, "Hey, how are you
     Em   D           F#sus4 F#
hope everything's all right?

     Bm      A     D      F#
They chatted for a while, then,
   Bm  G       D     F#
of unimportant things
    Bm       A      G   D/F#
and then she paused and started
   Em    F#    Bm    F#
to beautifully sing

    Bm            A       D   F#
And still through all the static
  Bm       G     D        F#
Despite so being blurred
    Bm         A         G D/F#
The notes came clear and luscious
    Em         D       F#sus4  F#
Her soul still plainly heard

     Bm      A        D         F#
"Let that be what you hear when you
   Bm       G         D         F#
condemn the pain that your love brought
   Bm          A        G        D/F#
I know you'll find her some day yet
     Em   F#       Bm     F#
Just as I know I'm surely not..."

Bm A G D/F# Em D G G7

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