Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Advisor meeting: went okay, but for the life of me I can't now remember much of what was said. Some mumbling about my blue-sky dreams of having a system that cleanly allows both HOAS and nitty-gritty general reasoning about (object-language) contexts as syntactic thingies in their own right.

Yuh. Can't focus tonight. Need to get some sleep and wake up early. Mornings are often better for thinking for me.

Bad news: going to boston for the E@I thingy is looking really unlikely. Need to hack, hack, hack.
Good news: Estas, ŝajne, nun pli da esperantistoj en picburgo. Virino nomita Diana Weichert retmesaĝis min, kaj able ni baldaŭ povos renkonti kaj babili.
Odd news: The Dawn McLaughlin of the thesis involving linguistics and linear logic is not the syntax-of-ASL-yet-originally-got-her-degree-in-CS Dawn McLaughlin. The Tao that is a doctoral student is not the true Tao?

Dinner was Sorrento's. I ate 7 of 8 slices by myself. I feel like such a pig.

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