Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Saturday Morning"
   B           Em/B  Bdim7 B7
He knew he had overreacted
    E7          Fdim7     B    B7
(It didn't mean it didn't hurt)
     E           Em             D#m7        A#m7
Just didn't know when he'd stop hearing her voice
     C#7         C#7         G#7    Gdim7
Stop finding her hair on his shirt

     B         Em/B          Bdim7   B7
Stop feeling a ghost by him, resting
     E7          Fdim7            B     B7
Each night as he stumbled towards sleep
     E           Em           D#m7              A#m7
Stop thinking of how his life might have turned out
   C#7          C#7        G#7    Gdim7
If she had been willing to keep

     B     Em/B     Bdim7 B7
this small piece of happi-ness

E7 Fdim7 B B7 E Em D#m7 A#m7 C#m7 G#7 B F#7

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