Jason (jcreed) wrote,

After sitting through a bit of the KGB meeting, just to see if sk4p would get elected president (nope, damion, the choice of NomComs everywhere!) wandered out the front of doherty, got distracted by book-guy, and bumped into lincoln3. He suggested I wait around until denorae showed up. I found a couple neat books on ASL, which I don't find so incredibly interesting in its own right, but insofar as it (well, sign languages in general, not so much ASL in particular) is an interesting source of counterexamples and alternative argument-approaches for theories that would otherwise lean on spoken language. Then I saw a book called "The story of english" which at all sorts of awesome maps and pictures and stuff but the back cover was ripped half off, so I muttered about it and put it back on the box. Went up to the guy to pay, and not only did he take a dollar off the penciled-in price of the books I was buying, but said to go ahead and take the damaged book for free. Book guy is teh roxor!

Went after that over to lulu's and got a bowl of rice. Plain rice is so satisfying somehow. I should get a ricecooker or something. But on the way back home this guy just stopped in front of me and adam and said in a creepy semisane-sounding voice you should be arrested... for pushing your hair back in public. I was like, what the fuck. Its nonsequiturness strained the limits of my ability to imagine.

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