Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Friday Night"
   Am                             Eb                     D
He finds a place to sit and rest, collect his thoughts a bit
Am                                Eb                  D   E
calmly stop, accept the fact that they would never... no, shit,
Am                             Eb               D
Damn the day he looked at her, damn his puerile dreaming
Am                                  Eb         D
Damn the nights he slept by her, so innocently seeming
   Am                           Eb           D
to promise many more to him, as he so gladly would
  Am                                     Eb               D
Instead, the fucking nerve, to leave for feeling too damn good?
          Am             G
What, she wanted love to hurt like hell,
        F                 E
just so she would fucking play as well?

Am G F E7
Am G F E7
Am G F E7
Am F E7 F#7

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