Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Friday Morning"
    A           Bbmaj7               A                G
And suddenly it seemed like she just didn't feel like talking much
  F                 G              A             Dm
A worried blankness on her face as she began, "I like you, but..."
    A                   Bmaj7            A                     G
She sighed and spoke as if each word had burned her lips while speaking it
    F            G                   A               Dm
The music had no life, she said, without the wanting driving it
   A            Bbmaj7           A                G
To be again, so close to him, to feel complacent, safe, content
      F                G                   A                A7
Would blind her to the shades of blue, and numb to what her music meant
          Dm       G       C        F
though he didn't believe a word she said
         Dm7  G              C       A7
he could sympathize with her doubts
      Dm       G        C             F
still knew she wouldn't leave him for this
    Dm       Bm7     E7   E7 
and wondered what it was about

A Bbmaj7 A G
F G A E7

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