Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Thursday Morning"
         G           C            D     Em
She does shifts at a bookstore an hour away
     Bm7       C             G
Pays rent on a shoebox-sized flat
      G          C          D       Em
Reads Borges and Dickinson, Poe and Camus
      Bm7      C          G       G
Keeps tropical fish and a cat

      C      D            Em              A7  
these simple things still find their way, slowly
D         C            G         G7
into some place in his thoughts

     C      D          Em        Bm7
from humble notes, all harmonies holy
  C            D       G       D7
a simple fact, somehow forgot

     G        C            D        Em
God, how many years had he hungered
    Bm7           C           D           G
for this wordless bliss to be felt, to be found?
       G             C         D        Em
And he kissed at her ear as he wondered
       Bm7       C           D         G       G
At the wonderful music there sleeping, sound

C D Em A7 D C G G7

C D Em Bm7 C D G D7

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