Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Wednesday Night"
   Fm          Eb
he entered the room, then,
    Fm             Eb
sat down with this girl
    Fm           Ab
who greeted him, quickly
     Bb        C
sank into that world

      Fm       Eb       Db        C
Where foreplay comes in just four bars
     Fm        Eb     Ab    Bb
Four more, and climax hits
   Fm    Eb        Db        C
by magic spun with those two hands
    Fm        C       Fm    C
and swinging, slender hips

    Fm        Eb    Db        C
She stole his solo, played it new
    Fm       Eb     Ab    Bb
but slightly faster now
    Fm         Eb    Db        C
and backwards, then, inverted, too
    Fm     C        Fm    C
and took a smirking bow

   Fm      Eb     Db     C
He stole a look into her eyes
      Fm        Eb      Ab    Bb
Still grinning, playing on
     Fm     Eb          Db      C
They traded fours 'till slow sunrise
   Fm         C        Fm    C
In love, that thursday dawn.

F7 Bb7 F7 F7
Bb7 Bb7 F7 D7
G7 C7 F7 C7

F7 Bb7 F7 F7
Bb7 Bb7 F7 D7
G7 C7 F7 C7

F F7/A Bb Bdim7 C Db7 D7 D7

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