Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Wednesday Morning"
F       Gb
Got her number last
F          Eb
nights and days go too
F       Gb
faster, faster, now
F      Eb
wait until tonight


  F            Ab          Bb           F
Exchanged only names and polite how-are-yous
    F               Eb      Bb       F
But changed silent, wary to open and warm;
F               Ab         Bb             F
They'll meet up later, and play, just the two,
  F       Eb           Bb       F
Piano and bass, in her favorite form.

F Bb F F
Eb Bb F F
F Bb F F
Bb Eb F F
F Bb F Bb
F Bb F Bb
Ab Gm7 F F
F Bb F C7

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