Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Soo... slept in. Got lunch. Thought about research. Went to databases. Went to chik-fil-a for dinner. Dropped by the library to return one book and grab another. Decided I might as well finally take a stab at some good ol' vintage chomsky, since techstep mentioned it. Oh, yeah. Excerpts of other works in untranslated french already in the introduction. Riding that fine line between hardcore academic and assholetron-9000, eh, Noam? But I'm sure it'll be good stuff. Came back to campus. Tried typing up research stuff. Still hunting for bugs. I'm sure Frank'll find some tomorrow, but I feel it's a little more solid than before. Went home. Watched some sports night. Played more zelda: The second pirate ship arbitrary-tedious-manual-dexterity-task wasn't so bad after all. Got the bombs and headed to outset island. Unlocked the fairy fountain, healed grandma, went around back in the boat and cannonballed the wall hiding jabun. Some cinematic foo ensued. Now I gotta collect more magic froo-froo pearl thingies. I'd complain more vigorously if the game didn't actually appeal to a certain sense of wanting to collect-a-whole-bunch-of-crazy-shit in me, as I'm sure it's designed to.

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