Jason (jcreed) wrote,

"Monday Afternoon"
Dm       A/C#      C        G/B
left her there and left for home
Am         G         F   C/E
sighed and swore and sat alone
Dm         A/C#      C      G/B
would have spoke, if he had known
     Am      G      Dmadd9 Dm
that she had wanted it at  all

     Dm   A/C#  C     G/B
some melancholy ill-defined
Am        G            F         C/E
fills his thoughts and slows his mind
  Dm      A/C#     C     G/B
admired a body but as if blind
    Am       G        Dmadd9 Dm
saw nothing, nothing, after  all
      Am       G        Dmadd9 Dm
(said nothing, nothing, after  all)

Dm A/C# C G/B Am G F B7

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