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[Apr. 7th, 2003|11:15 am]
"Monday Morning"

        D           Bm7           E7          E7
Now her eyes slowly rise and then fall again
       D                   Bm7    E7           E7
To the floor where there's nobody watching her
       G           D/F#       Em            B7
So he, too, looks away, to himself tries to say
     A            Gmaj7        D      (Dsus4 D)
That he should forget her (and fails)

          D            Bm7         E7      E7
Since now he can't but see how her fingers
        D          Bm7     E7        E7
Holding up a small book of    poetry
         G       D/F#                Em         B7
Make him want to prolong these short moments of her
        A             Gmaj7           D      (Dsus4 D)
And the silent, sweet song, that such longing en-   tails 

F#7 Em D D 
G A Bsus4 B7 
G A [D A/C#] Bm7
A Gmaj7 D A7