Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Last night dreamed I was learning to play trumpet. In dream-land, if you blow harder on an A, it becomes a Bb.

Left the house without playing any zelda. Go me! Got some arby's. My bus-karma is excellent today. Only had to wait a couple of minutes on forbes and beeler, and no time at all on forbes and atwood on the return trip.

Actually feeling a bit motivated to think about the databases project, because it finally hit me that the part of it I was planning on working on is sort of cute and easy, if looked at properly. I can make some graphs and pictures and shit, anyway. And, oh god, we got a 100/100 on the checkpoint. Which makes no sense at all. It was total nonsense. It was the same total nonsense we put in the proposal, (which got a noticeably lower grade) only more of it, and some gnuplot graphs. Despite the fact that I think I will suck it up and get to work and pass this class, my respect for databases as a field (or maybe just faloutsos as a grader) still diminishes with every passing day.

I don't think my standards are unreasonably high. The other big projects I've had to do were (1) OS kernel and filesystem, on which I got somewhere in the neighborhood of high B/low A for a good, solid chunk of sweat and blood on the part of mid and I and (2) Self-determinged projects for CompDed and Linear Logic, in which I got good grades for what I consider the some of the best work I did as an undergrad. I put in a lot of creativity and work, and got results. As opposed to sitting around mumbling on to paper and making shit up. Jeez, I do want to pass this class, but I would almost feel better not having such crappy work being approved and condoned.
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