Jason (jcreed) wrote,


I wonder: if you're hallucinating, and you look into a mirror,
do you see a reflection of whatever it is you falsely see next to
you? That is, would your brain realize "Hey, that's a mirror!"
and fill in, for consistency's sake, whatever it imagines
the other side of the flaming, talking skull looks like?

Maybe not. Maybe that would actually be a good way to check
if you're hallucinating. Unless you were hallucinating vampires.
Then you'd never be quite sure...

I ought to write some hack that puts my latest daily
entry (or maybe the last three or so) and a few random quotes
in my planfile, and put full access to archives of both on

Arg, how do you tell fucking xterm not to interpret 0x88 (for
instance) as a control character? I'm giving up trying to
figure that out for now; everything at 0xa0 or below seems to
be safe, so I'll just skip the first 32 high-half characters
and use the rest.

Fixed Edit->Clear dirty bit bug in ptkfonted.

Recreated a good chunk of a new version of context.bdf.

Split context into six .c files. At 533 loc.

Context can typeset the Fermat-Wiles Theorem, whee!
The commandline was:
bash-2.03$ ./context '\lnot\exists \alpha,\beta,\gamma,n\in{\N^\times}: n>2 \land {\alpha^n}+{\beta^n}={\gamma^n}'
There are still some practical problems with parsing superscripts.
At 622 loc.

Hm. I got a valkyrie down to AC -9 with a +3 dwarven mithril-coat
and some other +1 shit, but I got killed for the *fourth* time
by Izchak, the fucker. I lured him one level up before he nailed me,
though; maybe that'll confuse nethack's saved-state enough to give
me gnometown Izchak-free.

Well, that seems to have succeeded. But then I got killed
(effectively) by a damned polymorph trap. Eh, a 30k game at least.
Not too bad.

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