Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ewwww. A bunch of skin peeled off from my left big toe, due to raquetball blister. Speaking of which, got in a few minutes of good play with norm yesterday, but then a guy had the court reserved. After that went to part of a task about the Clay prize problems, which was phenomenally dull, sadly. Left the talk to come back home because the guy about the car showed up. I think I actually may get an offer out of him soon, which would be totally awesome. Watched another couple of eps of sports night, played a little more zelda.

Had another possible insight as to the unholy union of linear and dependent types: an attempt to have a two-zone judgment at the object typing level, and a on.ezone judgment everywhere else, but allow two sorts of hypotheses in the "unrestricted" zone, one of which is a little more restricted. This mystery hypothesis would be the assumptiono which can be linearly used in terms which index types, but linear variables that can actually appear in honest to goodness terms have to go in the linear zone. Of course, there would be some shunting around of contexts at application of families to terms.

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