Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woo, slapping together musical cliches is actually kind of fun after awhile.

"Doin' Math on a Saturday Night" (or, the theory weenie's lament)

   C             G            Am           F
Conjectured this theorem been proving this theorem
      C           G                C     (F C)
think it might go through now real soon
     C         G              Am      F
Just five more lemmata though maybe I ought to
   C          G            C     (F C)
consider some sleep before noon
   F               G       Am       A7
My friends all say I got a problem
      Dm            G          Cmaj7   C7
They scream that it just isn't right
    F           Fm                Em7        A7
But I don't see what's wrong with stayin' up late
      D7        G7       C      (F C)
Doin' math on a saturday night
    C           Am      G             F
Got objects and arrows, recursion and Big-Ohs,
    C            G       C  (F C)  
and Gamma proves x colon B
    C          Am           G           F
The reader can work out the details (as if!)
    C              G       C     (F C)
Now watch my hands wave, QED
   F          G          Am          A7
My family has long since disowned me
    Dm     G          Cmaj7   C7
But I'm unaware of my plight
F        Fm          Em7         A7
Too busy patching up holes in my proofs
      D7        G7       C       (F C)
Doin' math on a saturday night
Tags: songwriting

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