Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I love when the filter-out-sheer-randomness part of my brain goes to sleep before I do.

"She Don't Mind"
C7#9   Bb     F      G
Connie say to wait a day
C7#9   Eb        Bb     F
Nancy, she don't mind
C7#9 Bb     Gm7  F  
Mary steals your nights away
Eb      Dm7     C
Laura's hard to find

C7#9       Bb       F          G
Jane's the sweetest girl there was
    C7#9  Eb      Bb     F
The devil take René;
C7#9  Bb     Gm7        F
Sarah really cares, she does
          Eb       Dm7     C
But can't bring herself to say:

C7#9     Bb      F        G
Too many months, too many weeks
     C7#9   Eb   Bb     F
Gone by too many years
    C7#9     Bb            Gm7       F  
The one just sits when the other one seeks
    Eb      Dm7 C
And another one appears


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