Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, man. Sometimes it really gets to me that the ol' C-G/B-Am move is so satisfying, that it keeps sneaking into my writing, because it's so goddamn trite. I mean, I might as well just play C-Am-F-G all day long, for crying out loud.

        Am   D7 
I slept half-awake
       Am      D7
when I felt it break
  F       G        Am     A7
A hundred lives in glass
        Dm           G
Now the wine-stained floor
        C    (G/B)  Am
And the half-open door
D7        E7       Am   E7
Hear only melodies past

Not much really going on today. Got a little researchy stuff done. Ran into bp, scheduled an informal meeting for tomorrow at her request. I don't know that I actually have anything to say to her about the restriction substitution that she doesn't know already.

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